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The MuslimFest Art Exhibit features a diverse range of artwork by artists from various backgrounds.

The 2022 MuslimFest Art Exhibit will examine how and why faith is important. Spirituality, community, family life, school, society, and other personal or public spaces may be explored through inspired artwork.


We welcome artists of all ages, as well as local and international talent. Visit the exhibit to witness the incredible fusion of expression and faith!

Deadline: Friday, August 26th, 2022


The MuslimFest Art Exhibit will take place September 2nd, 2022 to September 4th, 2022 and encourages a displays of a wide array of artwork from artists of all backgrounds.


Art Exhibit Submission Form Preface

The MuslimFest Art Exhibit encourages displays a wide array of artwork from artists of all backgrounds.

Professional Artists(P1-P15) – Artists over the age of 25 and/or artists that are not currently enrolled in school. These artists have a high level of artistic experience and might be engaged in selling their professional artwork. Max of 5 artworks.

Senior Students(S1-S10) – Students between the ages of 17 and 25 that are currently enrolled in a secondary or post-secondary institution. A background in formal art education is not necessary, however artistic skills should be developed and the artwork should reflect this. Max of 5 artworks.

Junior Students(J1-J2) – Student artists between the ages of 12 and 16.These are budding and talented young artists that are currently enrolled in school. .Max of 3 artworks.

Art Exhibit Spots

P: Art Exhibit | Professional Artist: $45.20 (39.99)

S: Art Exhibit | Student Artist: 29.40 (25.99)

J: Art Exhibit | Junior Student: 15.80 (13.99)


For more information or for any inquiries about this year’s MuslimFest Art Exhibit, please feel free to contact us at exhibit@muslimfest.com.

Application fees: Fees are only refundable if your application is not accepted

Registration Link

On registration map, please select exhibit space from this section.


Please carefully read and complete the following form for the MuslimFest 2022 Art Exhibit.

Artists agree to pay 15% of their net sales to Festive Currents. Artists will be assigned a space within Art Exhibit area. Important Dates and Information

Artwork Information:
Please provide the following information for the each piece of artwork, respecting the maximum number of submissions allowed based on your category. You will be given to option to upload your images after you complete your purchase.
For artwork that is not yet complete, please upload a sketch or drawing of the artwork plan.

Category Maximum Size
Painting, Drawing, Calligraphy, Printmaking, Photography, Graphics 90cm x 90cm / 35” x 35” Framing should not exceed 5cm / 2” in width.
PLEASE NOTE:  Any 2-D artwork MUST be ready for display with appropriate hanging material already affixed on the back of the piece.
Ceramics 33 cm x 33cm x 33cm / 13” x 13” x 13”
Sculpture (including metalwork and woodwork) 90 cm x 90cm x 90cm / 35” x 35” x 35”
Jewellery Contact MuslimFest for details
Glass – Blown glass, stained glass, painted glass, etc.

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