The outdoor stage is fearsome for many comedians. No one made people laugh from that stage like “The Original Sheikh of Comedy”.   Waseem was born and raised in Toronto.  Moe’Money has theability to make any situation entertaining. His mixed Middle Eastern heritage and Toronto’s diverse community, enabled him to deliver a unique brand of comedy that has audiences of all ages and backgrounds rolling off of their seats.

He has brought his form of “conscious comedy” to venues all over North America, barreling over cultural and religious stereotypes in the process. Moe’Money does not shy away from addressing problems within the Muslim community, however he points out these issues, both big and small with jaw aching hilarity.The diverse culture of Toronto has allowed him to make use of many different languages on stage, from Urdu to French, and even full length comedy sets in Arabic. Moe’Money’s extremely versatile form of comedy allows him to perform for any type of crowd, all the while keeping the audience laughing, and thinking about the wisdom behind each laugh.With his unique style, conscious yet hilarious jokes, and incredible stage presence, Moe’Money has truly sets the new bar for a new generation of Muslim comedy.