Saleem Hameed

Saleem Hameed was born in Nashville, Tennessee, but throughout his childhood his family lived in a number of different states, including South Carolina, California, and New York where he now resides.

Saleem has been reciting Holy Quran and singing since his early teen years, but it wasn’t until he turned 18 that he decided to pursue singing as a possible career. At this point he began to practice a lot more, and really fine-tuned his singing abilities.

Coming from a family of singers whose specialty was Soul and Rhythm & Blues, this influence can be heard in Saleem’s nasheeds. He sings English, Arabic and Urdu nasheeds and seeks to grab the attention of Muslims as well as non-Muslims.

Saleem is very passionate about the deen and his aim is to spread the beautiful message of Islam far and wide, inspiring his listeners to seek proximity to Allah and his beloved Nabi (SAWS) in their everyday lives and in everything they do.

His debut album entitled ‘My Anthem’ is scheduled for release this August insha’Allah. In accordance with Saleem’s personal beliefs on what is permissible/halal, all of his songs are free from wind and string instruments.