Arab Agreed to Disagree

Print| $500 | El Seed

Arab Agreed to Disagree “اتفقت العرب على ألا يتفقوا ”  by Fouzi Khalifah, Elseed, Montreal: The mural entitled ‘Arabs agree to disagree’ is a commentary on the ambiguity of the revolutions that have swept North Africa and the Middle East. Borrowing the words of Ibn Khaldun, Tunisian father of sociology, el Seed makes tribute to the Arabs who have ‘agreed to disagree’ on the conditions of their rule. However, the phrase has a double meaning. Khaldun also slyly comments on the nature of inner conflict present in many Arab societies. eL Seed thus also makes reference to the political disagreements now existing in Tunisia post-Ben Ali. The pointillism style used to create this mural, and the blurred effect this gives, mirrors the reality of revolutions around the world; they are neither clean nor clear.

Prints are Canvas Wrapped 24 x 48 inches wide.

Quantities: 5 only

Donation: $500 (Includes delivery anywhere in North America, but if you pick up, you will save us some money)