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Brotherhood Calligraphitti Mural by Mohammed Ali Aerosol Arabic, UK: Description of the piece by the artist “It reads in arabic, Brotherhood, a term which is so seldom used in todays society.  You may recognise some of the surrounding imagery, the red and white, the maple leaf repeated in the form of islamic geometric patterns, big ben, britains first mosque from 1889, the CN tower, mississauga clock tower etc.  Also there are some very small leafy patterns, this is a classic style of William Morris – englands finest pattern maker from the 1800’s you may know already.  I used his patterns, because it is clear that he was inspired by Islamic geometric patterns.  So i attempted with this piece, to show relationships between Muslims and Britain, as well showing unity/brotherhood between the 2 nations of Canada and Britain!”

Prints are Canvas Wrapped 16 x 48 inches wide.

Quantities: 5 only

Price: $500

Picture below is of the original mural that MuslimFest donated to the University of Toronto at Mississauga and is currently in the CCIT building.