Faisal Latif

Faisal Latif is a driven, energetic & down to Earth guy from Brooklyn, NY who grew up in Tampa, FL & is of Pakistani & Indian descent.

He is a Hafidh of the Quran, Singer, Poet, Speaker & Filmmaker who is known on his social media as @justFaisalLatif.

Earlier this year, he was invited by ICNA-MAS Convention 2019 to open their Keynote Session with the recitation of the Quran & perform Nasheed in their Entertainment Session.

He utilizes his platforms with the intention of benefiting, inspiring & uplifting others in regards to the deen, social issues & personal development.

While studying at the University of South Florida, he was accepted to the Islamic University of Madinah where he remained for a short period of time. He is now continuing his studies of the Arabic language in Egypt & plans to return home soon to complete his secular studies in Florida.