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Friday, Saturday & Sunday, August 31th, Sept 1st & 2nd 2018

Detainee X

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A Muslim American teenager with a passion for video games and comic books finds himself in the crosshairs of an islamphobic and polarized America. DETAINEE X struggles to balance the two worlds of his mother’s rigid religious expectations; and his suburban American upbringing; only to fail at both.

Following several weeks of unknown surveillance, Detainee X is kidnapped in the middle of the night by a special military unit and flown to a secret black site prison outside the United States jurisdiction where he is tried and unlawfully prosecuted in a secret military trial.

While imprisoned he is subjected to inhumane interrogation techniques and is pressured to reveal insight into a pending terrorist attack he claims to know nothing about. As Detainee X tumbles into this dark world of illegal torture and unlawful imprisonment, he discovers the only crime he has committed is being born a Muslim.


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