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Film Screenings at MuslimFest 2009

-While the media proclaims a clash between Islam and the West, a group of Muslim Hip Hop artists emerge and attempt to confront this paradox while struggling to find a balance between their western culture and Islam.

Deen Tight documents the global impact/effect that Western pop culture (namely hip hop) has on Islam (both in Western Muslim cultures and Arab Muslim cultures). Filmed on location in the United States, United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates, our story focuses on the perceived conflict between traditional religious ideals and modernity as well as both the positives and negatives of Western pop culture on todays’ Muslim youth.

Music, considered taboo practice for many “traditional” Muslims, has also become one of the most prominent methods for Muslims to share their faith internationally. Hip Hop is a global phenomenon reaching from the skyscaper laden skies of New York all the way to the deep deserts of Arabia and beyond. It is a subculture that transends boundaries, language, gender, and religion. Deen Tight brings to the screen the untold story of Western Muslims struggling to find a balance between their culture and religion.

Puerto Rican American rapper Hamza Pérez ended his life as a drug dealer 12 years ago, and started down a new path as a young Muslim.

Now he’s moved to Pittsburgh’s tough North Side to start a new religious community, rebuild his shattered family, and take his message of faith to other young people through his uncompromising music as part of the hip-hop duo M-Team.

Raising his two kids as a single dad and longing for companionship, Hamza finds love on a Muslim networking website and seizes the chance for happiness in a second marriage.

But when the FBI raids his mosque, Hamza must confront the realities of the post-9/11 world, and challenge himself. He starts reaching for a deeper understanding of his faith, discovering new connections with people from Christian and Jewish communities.

NEW MUSLIM COOL takes viewers on Hamza’s ride through the streets, projects and jail cells of urban America, following his spiritual journey to some surprising places — where we can all see ourselves reflected in a world that never stops changing.


A group of American professors probe deep into the minds of more than a billion Muslims to find out what drives their lives.

The results are shocking and raise as many questions as they answer.
If you thought you knew about Islam, you better think afresh!

Well-known Muslim comedian Baba Ali is back in an all-new series for young children! Hurray for Baba Ali will teach your child basic Islamic manners in a fun and refreshing new way. Let your child learn along side Baba Ali as he is coached by his young friends to be the best Muslim around! The Screening will also include a discussion about the making of and the challenges Muslim film makes face.

3Points 2008 submissions brought shivers, smiles, and tears. After winning our PSA of the year for MuslimFest 2009, 3Points are back at it.

The 2009 films tackle the issue of corruption. Many times we are very conscious of the source of our food, Zabiha Halal or not, and we ignore the source of money that is buying the food. It matters not if you are eating “Halal Food” if you earn your money through Haram means.

We promise that these videos will make you think twice about the concept of Halal food. We will be screening the whole set as part of the Film Festival, and selected few as part of the main show.

Concept and Production Supervision by 3Points

Other Submissions: Details coming soon

– Tough Crowd – USA
– Muslim Parodies produced by Sayeed Khan – USA
– Believe – Canada
– Practicing Faith – Canada
– The Muslims I know – USA
– Much more…