POWERS OF TOWERS profiles Graeme Stewart and Sabina Ali, two remarkable people on the forefront of a revolution that’s transforming Toronto’s now aging suburban high-rise clusters into livable communities that work — and attracting the attention of the international planning community in the process. For their work, Stewart and Ali have been awarded the 2014 Jane Jacobs Prize presented by Spacing magazine.
Yet as apartment towers have aged, the demographics of their inhabitants have changed too. Both of our winners are applying Jane Jacobs’s methods to steer them into a second phase of useful life: Stewart by agitating for big-picture strategic thinking from the top down, and Ali by mobilizing the awe-inspiring energy of her community to create new ways of using the public space around them, literally from the ground up. We think Jane Jacobs would be pleased.
Spacing Films presents POWERS OF TOWERS in association with Tangent Motion Pictures and Foxley Films. Funding for Spacing Films provided by the Ontario Media Development Corporation.

PRODUCED BY: Sean Liliani and Sarah Martin