Why support MuslimFest?

Many members of our community question the merits of supporting the arts or an event like MuslimFest.  We are more than just an annual event.  We are of the pioneers in the Art and Entertainment movement in the Muslim community.

  • Canada’s Largest Bridge Building Event: Art Brings People Together!

No one can doubt the impact MuslimFest has played in connecting the local Muslim community with our neighbors.  It is a Free event that takes place in the heart of the city of Mississauga and many of the Muslim community neighbours attend it annually.

MuslimFest has also attracted political leaders from all levels of government.  MuslimFest attracted many organizations that wanted to connect with the Muslim community including the Heart and Stroke Foundation, and the Trillium Gift of Life Foundation.  Many businesses from outside the Muslim community also see in MuslimFest a launch-pad to reach the Muslim consumers.

Finally, MuslimFest has been consulted in many avenues related to the Festival and Events industry in our province.  Recently, Amer Meknas, MuslimFest Event Director, spoke at the Festival and Events Ontario (FEO) on expanding festival demographics and reaching out to the ethnic communities.  MuslimFest was recognized at the event as one of Ontario’s Top 100 Festivals .  MuslimFest was also engaged in the design of the brand new Mississauga Celebration Square. the re-evaluation of the Mississauga Living Arts Centre, and the Mississauga Master Cultural Plan.

  • Promotes Youth Leadership and Community Engagement: Art Educates!

Over 25 coordinators and 300 volunteers come together year after year to make MuslimFest possible.  These spend their summer planning a celebration like no other for the rest of the community.  During their engagment, these volunteers acquire crucial leadership qualities that prepare them to be highley effective leaders in our community.

MuslimFest, being an art and entertainment festival, attracts a unique type of volunteers; those who do not necessarily associate themselves with the Muslim community or the mosque, despite being Muslims.   MuslimFest takes special care of such volunteers, educate them, and show them a side of Islam they were never exposed to; fun and exciting, but also capable of achieving great things.  This helps these volunteers become more connected with Islam and turns them into productive members of our community.

  • Provides a Venue for Artistic Expression: Art Feels Good!

Artistic expression is seen as a secondary objective at best in the Muslim community.  Its importance is not recognized and its potenial is largely ignored.  MuslimFest has changed by giving artists a stage (literally) to express themselves and share their talent with the rest of the community.

Our Rising Talent Show, both at MuslimFest’s outdoor stage and the Reviving the Islamic Spirit’s Reviving the Islamic Arts stage, has attracted hundreds of participants over the past 8 years.  Young and old, Muslims wanted to use this venue to share something they are good at with their community.

Finally, MuslimFest’s monumental display of artistic expression every year has been a great experience for the Muslim community.  Attendees of all ages look forward to the event every year, Islamic Schools has been taking their art programs more seriously, and the arts are becoming less of a taboo subject in Muslim circles at all levels.

To donate by cheque, please make cheques payable to “Festive Currents” and mail them to

2-2570 Haines Road, Mississauga, Ontario, L4Y 4A3, Canada