Team Descriptions:

  • Marketing – If you are high energy and love talking about MuslimFest?  Then the Marketing Team is for you!  This team may involve distributing flyers, helping with Facebook and twitter campaign, other creative and other creative ways of promoting MuslimFest.
  • Media – Has anyone ever told you that you have a good radio voice or on-camera presence?  Do you have an interest in helping promote MuslimFest in the media?  If you are professional, articulate, and/or have good writing skills then this is where MuslimFest needs you!
  • Working with people – If you like being around and helping people, then we need you here!  The largest number of volunteers will be in this category of teams, which includes helping with attendees, making sure everyone is safe and secure, and that all concerns about accessibility are met.
  • Working with businesses – Are you interested in helping sponsors, small business, non-profits and other organization?  We are looking individuals who can work with these entities in professional manner to ensure that bazaar and food vendors are able to function well and enjoy MuslimFest.
  • Working on Logistics – If you are most comfortable with
  • Technical – Do you like tinkering with electronics and other equipment? Like the challenge of figuring out how to make things work?  Technical Services needs people like you to help with all the technical aspects of MuslimFest, including setting up lighting, and managing audio and visual equipment.
  • Environment – Are you green? Do you want to help make MuslimFest a green event? For the first time MuslimFest has an official green team, and we need energetic volunteers interested in helping keep MuslimFest clean and green!
  • Working with Children and/youth – Do you like working with children?  Have creative ways of entertaining them?
  • Show Production – Do you like the idea of being behind the scenes at a production?  Love the challenge of keeping to a tight schedule, then show production is the place for you.  With the new outdoor venue, the backstage team will be visible for all to see as they ensure that the MuslimFest 2011 shows go off without a hitch!

Currently, all our volunteer positions have been filled. Please check back next year to get involved with MuslimFest 2020!