Haa Seen Noon

Although born in Brooklyn, Hassen Abdul Khabir, known on stage as Haa Seen Noon, was raised in upstate New York. As a third-generation Muslim with a Trinidadian/American background, Hassen’s style has been greatly influenced by Arabic and Urdu nasheed, Islamic hip hop and a hint of West Indian vibes.

Haa Seen Noon discovered his interest in Islamic music/nasheeds early on and began writing and performing his own songs at a very young age. This love that he discovered at such an early age was the spark which would later become the catalyst that launched him into pursuing his passion in Islamic music.

Consumed by his love for Allah and our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saws), Haa Seen Noon’s mission as an artist is to give Islamic music/nasheeds a modern, contemporary sound, and to use this as a means of spreading the deen and knowledge of Islam. In doing this, he hopes to inspire people to come back to Allah and become closer to their Creator. According to Hassen’s personal beliefs on what is permissible/halal, all of his songs are free from wind and string instruments.