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أنس السيد Anas Sayed


Anas Sayed, Canadian songwriter and composer, started as a dreamer with a talented soul and a beautiful voice. Born in Kuwait in July of 1981, he later moved to Canada with his family at the age of 9.

Growing in a culturally rich environment, family and friends noticed his amazing talent at a very young age and would invite him to sing traditional songs at gatherings and reunions ever since he was 5.

Reunited at the age of 10 with his grandfather Sheikh Mahmoud Al-Bakkar, a famous Qari and Munshid in Lebanon, he learned the science of Maqamat and mastered the art of Enshaad.

He participated at the age of 12 in his first concert in Montreal with the famous Syrian Munshid Mohamed Abu-Rateb and performed his first solo leaving the attendance in tears with his beautiful heart-warming voice which sang to the victims of poverty and crimes of war everywhere in the world.

Influenced by the likes of great voices such as Sayyid Nuqshabandi of Egypt, Adeeb el-Dayekh, Sabah Fakhri and Imad Rami in Syria, … young Anas, now 16, started his own group ‘Chants of Andalus’ which has been heard performing in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto in various concerts and occasions, always leaving the crowd asking for more.

The richness of his cultural background and his various travels worldwide has influenced his music greatly and can be noticed in the mix and variety of styles he sings. His unique blend of traditional melodies with modern harmonious singing is what keeps the local crowd attracted to his many performances.

His first album soon to be released contains a beautiful blend of songs of varying aromas including: Arabic, English, French, Turkish and Spanish melodies, as well as lyrics in English, French and Arabic, one of which is a duet with the great Syrian Munshid Imad Rami.


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