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Junaid Jamshed

After spending 16 years in the limelight as a world-renowned music artist from Pakistan, Junaid Jamshed bid farewell to music in 2003 following a spiritual reawakening.
Jamshed’s musical instinct has now found an alternative mode of expression in his career as a nasheed (spiritual recitals) artist. It is in this genre that he feels music has the power to be both constructive and, consequently, transformative.

Jamshed has released six nasheed albums to date. Jalwa-e-Jaanan (The Sight of Beloved), Mehboob-e-Yazdaan (The Beloved of God), Badr-ud-Duja, Shams-ud-Duha (the Night’s Full Moon, The Morning’s Bright Sun), Badi-uz-Zaman (The Wonder of the Age), Rahmatul-lil-Alameen (The Mercy to the Universe), and Hadi-ul-Anaam (Guide for the People).

Although popular amongst all age groups, Jamshed has attained iconic status among Muslim youth across the globe for which his appeal is heightened by his use of newer media and unorthodox presentation techniques that emphasize innovation and substance over style.

As a nasheed artisit and motivational speaker, Jamshed has traveled to places far and wide including Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, Morocco, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, UK, and USA.  His motivational speeches and nasheed videos seek to revive and inspire faith through a simplicity that has been praised simultaneously as eloquent and profound.

Junaid Jamshed remains actively involved in charity work. His efforts, thus far, have focused on several humanitarian projects in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Africa.

Junaid Jamshed firmly believes that to achieve something one must make the effort for if you try you might risk failure but if you sit back and do nothing then you ensure failure. It is this mantra that guides his outreach efforts, particularly with Muslim youth.


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