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Khalil Ismail

Khalil Ismail is an award winning independent music artist who triple threats as a vocalist, rapper, and producer. Khalil’s single “Knocking” charted at number 3 on independent radio, and Discovery Channel featured his music and video performances.

His music has also been featured in many nationally televised shows and commercials. Already an accomplished musician, Khalil would then start producing and writing Nasheed tracks for international sensation Zain Bhikha and has since, released a full nasheed album, Soul Submission featuring Zain Bhikha and Naeem of Native Deen.

Inspired by his experiences growing up Muslim, Soul Submission was written to inspire Muslims to think deeply about their faith and educate nonmuslims on what islam truly represents. His newly released second Nasheed offering (Soul Redemption) features a dedication to Mariam mother of Isa, as well as a 7 minute song naming the 99 names of Allah! He hopes people will use it as a tool to remember Allahs name and attain special rewards!

Khalil’s mission is to uplift humanity through positive truthful messages in his music

His penchant for pulling heartstrings shows in almost every track he produces. His inspirational music has been well received around the world and has lead to appearances in West and South Africa, UK, Amsterdam, Australia, Germany and around the United States with notable artists such as Zain Bhikha, Native Deen, Amir Sulaiman, Outlandish, Dawud Wharnsby, Saif Adam etc

Lastly, Khalil is an active community advocate experienced in crafting and leading youth workshops. He is the founder of the Finding Peace Project, a community outreach organization. He does interfaith work in Baltimore,Maryland, and is currently working to bolster the programming for the American Islamic Heritage Museum in Washington, D.C

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