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Mohammed Ali AerosolArabic

The Art of Mohammed Ali is described as challenging the oft-heard term ‘clash of civilisations.’ with his fusion of street-art and islamic script, along with conscious messages that speak to people of different faith traditions. He describes his work as, ‘taking the best of both worlds.’ and bringing back to the forefront principles that are fading away from our modern societies.

Mohammed Ali was drawn to the graffiti world from early 80′s inspired by the subway art movement. After studying Multimedia Design at university, he went into the computer-games industry as a graphic designer. He soon became disillusioned with creating art for art’s sake, and began exploring with creating art, as he puts it, for ‘mankind’s sake’.

Graffiti was often a self-glorification of one’s identity, the ‘tag’ being the focal point. Mohammed began exploring simple messages which, at the heart of remained – the word – but words which pointed to other than the ‘self’, that spoke to people of the city, and relevant to wider society. He describes his art as ‘breathing a bit of life and colour into the concrete jungles that we exist in’. These walls spoke out with simple truths, where the city became the canvas, and art bursts outside of its conventional shiny white spaces, spilling out onto the streets around us. In the urban spaces, we are bombarded with billboard advertisements, Mohammed Ali attempts to bring something of colour and meaning to that urban grey space.

Mohammed Ali’s art is appreciated by people of all faith and cultures and he has exhibited his canvas-art as well as created his public spiritual murals in the streets of major cities, such as New York, Chicago, Toronto, Melbourne and Dubai to name but a few. International media ranging from CNN to Aljazeera, have reported his work as a ‘bridge of understanding’between faith communities and he has become a regular media figure. He was awarded the South Bank Show Award in 2009, which recognises the best of British Art across all spectrums of artforms ranging from film to literature, televised to an audience of millions. He has recently been invited to speak to speak at the first TedX to take place in the Vatican state, on the theme of religious freedom. He delivers public lectures about the power of the arts to transform society and how it can tackle some of the difficult issues that we face in multi-cultural societies.

(Biography Source: http://www.aerosolarabic.com/mohammed-ali/)


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