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Nii Addico

Nii Addico – African Drummer & Performer

Nii has grown up with the sound of the drum as the backgr
ound music of his life. Nii’s Grandfather, Nii Amukuaye, was a traditional African drummer. Nii would watch his Grandfather play drums for his Great Aunt, who was a fetish priestess, during ceremonies and rituals. After the ritual was over, Nii would tap on the drum. Amukuaye started to teach Nii how to drum after Nii started to walk.

As Nii grew older he was more interested in carving than in drumming. Many of his friends were training to become master drummers and Nii would carve and repair their drums for them. At the age of 15, Nii joined a Youth Fellowship through his church. There was a set of Congo drums that no one knew how to play. Nii and his 4 other brothers took turns teaching each other and playing to inspire the other teenagers during prayers. Shortly after this Nii started to play drums for other Churches as well.

In his early twenties, Nii moved to Kokrobitey, a vibrant arts community just outside Accra, the capitol of Ghana. Nii received lessons and encouragement from Master drummer, Oko, who is internationally renowned. Oko owns a drum school in Kokorobitey that brings tourists from around the world to Ghana. Nii carved and sold many drums to the students there.

When Nii arrived in Canada in 2005 drumming became even more important to him. Nii missed the soundtrack of drums that he grew up with in Ghana. To help himself adjust to Canada and to relieve his homesickness, Nii started to play seriously. Nii met Dale Marcell, a master drummer and a self-described “rhythmist” shortly after coming to Canada. Nii and Dale bounded over the importance of drumming and Dale quickly became a both a drum teacher and friend to Nii. Dale collected drums from around the world and had a vast knowledge of drumming techniques and theories from indigenous cultures. The pair played together for performances and workshops in Ontario. Sadly Dale passed away in December 2008. Nii continues to share Dale’s knowledge and influence as well as his own strong traditional African culture in music.


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