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Sehar Shahzad


SeharSehar Shahzad was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, and recently graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology. She has had artistic inclinations since childhood, but as she grew up, a specific interest in Islamic art began to blossom rapidly. It weaved together her long-time passion for painting and drawing with her growing love and devotion towards her religion. Sehar believes that although all art can have some form of beauty, she finds Islamic artwork to be especially beautiful because it carries an extra dimension of deep meaning that makes her artwork so much more personal to her. This spiritual aspect in her art also allows her to perform dhikr (remembrance) of God through her art, as well as the opportunity to let the beauty of Islam touch the hearts of the people around her.

For the past few years, Sehar has worked in various roles to coordinate the Art Exhibit at MuslimFest. She has had the opportunity to exhibit her work at various events across the Greater Toronto Area, including local universities’ Islam Awareness Weeks, the annual Being ME (Muslimah Empowered) Conference, the Reviving the Islamic Spirit Conference, and a Muslim youth group exhibition entitled ‘and He loves beauty,’ which she was a coordinator of. In May 2013, she had the opportunity to exhibit her work at the Royal Ontario Museum and at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Sehar is currently learning traditional Arabic calligraphy as a student of Master Calligrapher Haji Noor Deen, and aspires to earn an Ijaza/license to one day take on students of her own. Although she did not study arts for her undergraduate degree, her artwork holds a significant place in her life that she can always rely on as a source of comfort, peace, and serenity.


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