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Friday, Saturday & Sunday, August 31th, Sept 1st & 2nd 2018


The Sound of Reason

With an intense underground following, numerous viral hit songs and lyrics that no record label would ever endorse, independent recording artists ‘The Sound of Reason’ are quickly proving that they are the greatest band you have never heard of. With a mix of revolutionary hip hop tracks, somber ballads, and contagious fusion anthems‘The Sound of Reason’ have gained the support of fans across the world. All while still remaining relatively unknown.

Now, with their highly anticipated sophomore album ‘Hope and Fear’, Ku and Francis, the two front men for ‘The Sound of Reason’ movement have once again set their goals high as they continue to bring ‘Reason’ back to the “Sound” of main stream music … an industry where there is very little reason to be heard.

Motivated by the lack of meaning in the mainstream media Ku and Francis started ‘The Sound of Reason’ while in college as a means to combine their talent for music with their desire to teach. Writing and producing their own songs, they chose the name ‘The Sound of Reason’, being the sound of reason in an industry where there was no reason to be found. Since then The two have amassed an impressive resume. They have been featured on MTV, Press TV and other various media outlets and publications. They have written award winning songs and television commercials. Interestingly enough they remain independent from signing with any record label in order keep control of their image and content. ‘The Sound of Reason’ relies heavily on fan support and people spreading the word about their music.



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