Nasser Chahbar

Nasser Chahbar is a critical lyricist, singer/songwriter and performer who speaks about social issues from an abstract perspective. Nasser completed a BA in Sociology at Western University and is currently in his last year of law school at the University of Ottawa. He has been writing for a large part of his life but has only started sharing a couple of years ago. After a rather spontaneous first performance and witnessing the audiences’ reaction, he realized a second half of his art that was missing all along: Performing and sharing with others. His art focuses on human experiences that stem from societal and worldly pressures, and ultimately, finding truth and peace throughout life’s journey. In recognizing the impact that his art could have, he became motivated and made a promise to continue communicating this message with listeners who come from all walks of life. He recently released his first, full length album titled: Poetic Justice.