NoorKids FUN-tastic Tour is coming to MuslimFest!

After inspiring thousands of young Muslims in America, we’re coming to Toronto. This is our FIRST-EVER tour and we’re super excited!

Since 2016, we’ve conducted nearly 300 in-person programs in the United States. This is our very first time coming to Canada! Here is what to expect:

🧒🏽 Storytelling Programs: Our one-of-a-kind storytelling programs inspire children to love Islam through exhilarating stories, thoughtful discussions, beautiful nasheeds, and much, much more!

🎓 Muslim Identity Seminar: After conducting research at Harvard, Berkeley, and San Francisco State University on 5-9 year old Muslims, listen to our findings related to Muslim parenting.

💰 FREE of Charge: All of our events are 100% FREE, but we have limited seats available. Register here!

Our 10-day tour is made possible by MuslimFest, a world-renowned cultural festival held between 8/29 and 9/1. This year we’ll be performing on their main stage!

For more information and to RSVP, click here!

MuslimFest 2019 Schedule is as follows:

About NoorKids

Amin G. Aaser, is a master storyteller and author of Noor Kids, a Harvard-supported Muslim children’s edutainment program that seeks to raise confident Muslim. He has been featured on NPR, BBC, The Huffington Post, The Boston Herald, and The Christian Science Monitor, among a host of other media outlets. 

Amin developed his expertise in storytelling under the tutelage of Arina Isaacson, an internationally recognized, and award winning, theater director actress, master storyteller and visual artist.  

Today, Noor Kids represents one of North America’s fastest growing Islamic children’s programs with titles in over 250,000 homes across 25 countries. Each week, Amin hosts a LIVE storytime khutba for kids that you can learn more about at