Civic Long Weekend @ Celebration Square

Saturday & Sunday, August 5th, 6th, 2017

Management Team




 Waffa Salem

Waffa Saleem

Program Officer

Sociology and Professional Writing & Communication at University of Toronto Mississauga

I love that MuslimFest brings the community together in celebration. Celebration of each other’s talents, culture, innovation, strengths and more. It’s a great time to be Muslim and MuslimFest is here to show you why! My personal favorite place to check out is the Art Exhibit. Make sure to stop by and chat with volunteers and artists.

Fun Fact: I’m learning to play the Acoustic Guitar.

My Team: Rawan Khan, Aqsa Alam, Faiyza Alam, Asma Qureshi, Arwa Tahir, Hadiyah Sabree, Zainab Mansoor and Shaheer Ahmad


 Saad Moinuddin

Saad Moinuddin

Operations and Procurement Officer

Student at University of Toronto at Mississauga. Major in Biology,  Minors in Professional Writing and Psychology.

If there was a word in the English language that would define teamwork, unity, cooperation, fun, excitement, love, and acceptance, it would probably be  MuslimFest. MuslimFest to me is an initiative that highlights what can be achieved by uniting our youth and putting into action some of the most fantastic ideas from our young stars.
My most memorable MuslimFest moment would be the heavy rainfall that hit us in MuslimFest 2015. It was pure havoc for an hour followed by the most wonderful and positive atmosphere I’d ever seen in a MuslimFest crowd.

Fun Fact: I am Batman

My Team: Rida Nauman, Ahsan Aqeel, Arooj Rehman, Ariba Haider, Sana Farhat


 Huma Mian

Huma Mian

Communication Officer

Graduate of Masters in Public health from University of Toronto!

MuslimFest is more than just a festival to me. Being part of most of the behind the scenes work, it’s beautiful watching the festival come together and seeing the hard work we’ve done. MuslimFest is amazing it brings us together and shows that there is more to us than what the media shows. Giving back to our community and taking part in this festival brings me so much joy and my passion for MuslimFest just greater year by year.

Fun Fact: I make the best Briyani

My Team: Tayel Shahzad, Sana Kwaja, Neil Muhammed, Ayesha Chauhan, Fatema Rizvi, Yosra Khaky, Ahsan Ali, Yamna Zia, Wardha Bokhari


 Saad Masud

Saad Masud

Artist Management

Second year student at McMaster University, studying Honours Life Sciences

MuslimFest to me is place where you make lifelong friends, learn and grow as an individual and a truly unique event, unlike any other that unites the Muslim community.

Most Memorable Moment: Day 2 of Muslimfest 2015, Setting up the candle lights for the aerial video and photography and then seeing the result looking amazing on the official MuslimFest Video Recap of 2015.

Fun Fact: I love playing Ping Pong

My Team: Humza Mian, Nabiha Sabree


Marium Hussain

Marium Hussain

Shows Officer

MuslimFest means, connecting, networking and making friends.

Fun Fact: I’ve been volunteering with MuslimFest since 2007.

My Team: Nawal Salim, Farrwa Urooj, Hira Humayon


Bazaar Team

Saad Siddiqui, Enas Abdul, Saad Malik, Aqsa Shaheen



Shamir Durrani

Volunteer Management Officer

HBSc In Computer Science and Management at University of Toronto!

MuslimFest to me is an event unlike no other. It’s this spirit of community and love that’s free for anyone from anywhere to experience. It’s a weekend that’s filled with memories, laughter, great food, amazing entertainment and so much more. And to know that you play a part, no matter how small in making it happen year after year, that’s one of the best feelings in the world!

Fun Fact: I’m part of the best squad at MuslimFest, #VMSQUAD  (Volunteer Management)

My Team: Aisha Hashmani, Shahnoor Durrani, Hibah Kolur, Hamna Imtiaz, Neha Anwar, Arsalan Esameili,  Arsalan Esmaeili, Fajar Javed, Aleena Habib Khan, Zanib Zafar, Nadia Kasim



Muhammad Hannad Ahsan

Environmental Services Team Lead

Student, Ryerson University, Business Technology Management

Muslimfest to me is a place where I can grow mentally, physically and become a leader by surrounding myself with extremely hard working and very bright individuals. MuslimFest shows the world who Muslims really are and gives Muslim artists the opportunity to show the world who they are and share whatever their art is.  I cannot be more happy to be a part of something this great.

Most memorable time at MuslimFest: Last year when it rained on Sunday(2nd day of the festival), my volunteers came together as a team, didn’t panic, had fun and worked hard!

Fun Fact: I think my best feature is finding opportunities where ever they are.

My Team: Muhammad Hasnain, Nabid Islam




MuslimFest celebrates the best in Muslim arts and entertainment. Featuring local and international artists who showcase their talent in various areas, concerts featuring popular Muslim artists, comedy shows, a multicultural bazaar, a kids carnival, and more. READ MORE




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