Mississauga Celebration Square, 300 City Centre Dr, Mississauga, ON L5B 3C1

Friday, Saturday & Sunday, August 31th, Sept 1st & 2nd 2018

Management Team




 Waffa Salem

Waffa Saleem

Program Officer

Sociology and Professional Writing & Communication at University of Toronto Mississauga

I love that MuslimFest brings the community together in celebration. Celebration of each other’s talents, culture, innovation, strengths and more. It’s a great time to be Muslim and MuslimFest is here to show you why! My personal favorite place to check out is the Art Exhibit. Make sure to stop by and chat with volunteers and artists.

Fun Fact: I’m learning to play the Acoustic Guitar.

My Team: Irfan Khan, Maryam Heba, Rida Siddiqui, Taimur Shakeel, Shaheer Ahmad, Arwa Tahir, Sarah Yaqoob and Amna Qureshi.


Rida Nauman

Operations and Procurement Officer

Student at the University of Toronto at Mississauga doing a double major in Psychology and Criminology, Law and Society

Once you join the MuslimFest team it becomes far more than just another volunteer opportunity. It becomes a family. The hard work and effort put into the festival all pays off when you see Muslims as well as non-Muslims enjoying the event. MuslimFest is more than just an annual event. It brings together people from different cultures who share their love for art and music. It is festival that shows the world that Muslims are far more than what we are judged to be. MuslimFest is the perfect example of the great things that can happen when the Muslim youth is united. It is a place of love, dedication, acceptance and most importantly extreme fun.

Fun Fact: I have been volunteering for MuslimFest for 6 years and its always the highlight of my summer.

My Team: Arooj Rehman, Aras Siddiqui, Mariam Dawood, Reshma Khandwala

 Huma Mian

Huma Mian

Communications Officer

A graduate of Masters in Public health from the University of Toronto

MuslimFest is more than just a festival to me. Being part of most of the behind the scenes work, it’s beautiful watching the festival come together and seeing the hard work we’ve done. MuslimFest is amazing it brings us together and shows that there is more to us than what the media shows. Giving back to our community and taking part in this festival brings me so much joy and my passion for MuslimFest just greater year by year.

Fun Fact: I make the best Biryani

My Team: Tayel Shahzad, Sana Kwaja, Neil Muhammed, Ayesha Chauhan, Fatema Rizvi, Ahsan Ali, Yamna Zia, Wardha Bokhari

 Saad Masud

Saad Masud

Artist Management Officer

Third-year student at McMaster University, studying Honours Life Sciences

MuslimFest to me is place where you make lifelong friends, learn and grow as an individual and is a truly unique event, unlike any other that unites the Muslim community. The best feeling for me at MF is when I can see the hours and hours of work the team puts in paying off

Most Memorable Moment: Taking Maher Zain shopping at Square One and hanging out with all the artists in general.

Fun Fact: I am one of three people who volunteer at MF with the name Saad M.

My Team: Saad Moinuddin, Hamna Imtiaz

Saad Mallik

Saad Mallik

Bazaar Officer

Second-Year Commerce Student at McMaster University

Most Memorable Moment: My most memorable moment at MuslimFest occurred on one of the days of the festival, when I heard that an attendee had converted to Islam after the prayer service. All the hard work that goes into planning the festival seems insignificant when compared to the result it creates. These moments make me feel like I am doing the best work I can, that I wouldn’t want to spend my time working anywhere else. I know that what I do here truly helps to spread positivity in the world, and that gives me motivation and a sense of purpose.

Fun Fact: My favourite type of cuisine is Hakka

My Team: Saad Siddiqui, Enas Abdul, Neha Anwar, Muawiz Hashmi


Farrwa Urooj

Shows Officer

BHS Honors in Health Studies and Business from York University

Do you like having fun? Do you enjoy arts and entertainment? Then Muslim fest is the place for you! As you come to Muslim fest, you realize that it is not just another event rather it’s a place that brings the whole community together. It shows people that there is more to Muslims than what is portrayed. It celebrates the arts and culture from around the world, and is filled with entertainment and great food. It’s a place to create beautiful memories with your friends and loved ones filled with lots of laughter and fun, memories that you can carry with you for the rest of your lives. All the people who play a part in Muslim fest whether it’s the volunteers or the attendees whether big or small is what makes Muslim fest what it is.

Fun Fact: Love going on adventures

My Team: Hafsa Hussain, Tamania Majeed


Ahsan Aqeel

Volunteer Management Officer

HBSc In Computer Science and Management at the University of Toronto

MuslimFest to me is an event unlike no other. It’s this spirit of community and love that’s free for anyone from anywhere to experience. It’s a weekend that’s filled with memories, laughter, great food, amazing entertainment and so much more. And to know that you play a part, no matter how small in making it happen year after year, that’s one of the best feelings in the world!

Fun Fact: I’m part of the best squad at MuslimFest, #VMSQUAD  (Volunteer Management)

My Team: Hibah Kolur, Fajar Javed, Afeerah Waqar


Sana Khawaja

Media Assistant

MFEST is the bridge between my Muslim faith and Canadian identity. This festival allows us to share our stories, grow as a community and strengthen our narrative of peace, love, and friendship. The best part of MuslimFest is working with an amazing team! I love meeting new faces, working together and creating content for everyone to enjoy.

Fun Fact: I once had a goat as a pet…in the suburbs #FunTimes


Hassan Baig

Environmental Services Team Lead

Electrical Engineer

My experience in coordinator roles in the past have driven me to continually strive to make Muslimfest a better event every year. This year, as a team lead, I plan to reduce waste costs and increase proper waste protocol awareness which will benefit all of us.

Fun Fact: I have a strategic plan to start my own company in 9 years



MuslimFest celebrates the best in Muslim arts and entertainment. Featuring local and international artists who showcase their talent in various areas, concerts featuring popular Muslim artists, comedy shows, a multicultural bazaar, a kids carnival, and more. READ MORE


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