Safeeyah Cornelius

Safeeyah has worked in the creative industry for over 10 years as a Mentor, Producer, Actress and Filmmaker. She opened and ran her first business at 18 years old. UCanBthe1 helped to mentor and teach young kids how to put on their own production from script to stage. They focussed on charity and highlighting current issues that young people were facing at the time such as bullying. Alongside her family, she successfully ran this programme for years, sparking the creativity in some well known artists today including Harris J and Rayan Ali. She has also had to opportunity to work with clients in countries such as Qatar and Turkey. 

Safeeyah is a budding Filmmaker and Actress. She was handed her first camera at the young age of 12, where she fell in love. Since, she has worked on various film sets including Shorts, Features, Documentaries and more. In 2017, Safeeyah and her family started the year with charity. They decided to donate a car to orphans in Gambia, where she documented the entire car journey from London to The Gambia. By the end of the year they had written and created the first ever British Muslim Pantomime, where she acted and helped with script, costume, set design and more. They toured the whole of the UK, performing over 30 plus shows with well known charity Penny Appeal, selling out in a matter of days they helped raise money for orphans worldwide. 

Since then, Safeeyah has opened her production company Hayati Productions which has a slate of films and series for 2020. Hayati Productions aims to empower young muslim creatives, helping to build skills and confidence in the industry alongside increasing the representation of Muslims in film. Already managing some budding creatives including singer Iman Farrar, Hayati Productions has taken her to new heights securing performances worldwide including Singapore, US and more. Safeeyah is a well connected person with friends and business associates in a variety of fields, She is a bubbly, outgoing soul passionate about changing the world with creativity.